It's Now or Never!!!

That's what people say when they come and talk about their feelings, their partner, their family, talk about what's happened to them, talk about what they are going through.

'If I don't do it now, I'll never do it,'; like it's some sort of leap of faith, like jumping out of an airplane, but then it is really, isn't it? A leap fo faith?

I have sat in front of a stranger, wanting to be there and tell them what's going on but also not wanting to speak, just sit in silence, feeling awkward and want the floor to open up and me to just jump right in. I then leave that counsellor and not go back as I'll work it through myself.

I'll try a different counsellor and I think okay, if I don't work this through now, then I'll continue to feel rubbish, continue to be preoccupied, and keep carrying it around with me, but, I do need to put it down, as it's too heavy.

I like this counsellor, they are listening so I continue and leave more behind every time I go, less for me to carry, not so heavy.

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